Oct 01, 2023

Booking the Most Affordable Flights

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Finally successful and got your visa? The next step for you is to book a flight and we all want the cheapest one. Since airfares fluctuate, we just can’t simply say and recommend one airline to be the cheapest. It is always best to compare all available flights.

Search using phone

Search Flights

Tap on the link above to search for flight using Skyscanner and you'll land on the homepage looking like this.

Normally, the app will set the origin as your current location. Change it when necessary and then choose your destination.

Then tap here to select the number of passengers and cabin type.

Tap on the "Apply" button once you've selected the number of passenger and cabin type.

Then tap here to select your preferred date of flight and you'll see this:

From here, you'll already see how expensive the flights are. Green being the cheapest and red the most expensive. But it doesn't end there. Instead of choosing the exact date, tap on "Whole month" in the upper right corner.

Select the preferred month and then tap on the "Select" button at the bottom to search for a one-way ticket. Or you can choose a return month, then tap on the "Select" button at the bottom to search for a roundtrip flight.

From here, you'll see how easy it is to compare flights via dates. If you are very flexible, then you can still easily change the month.

Search using desktop

Search Flights

Booking a flight using a desktop is so much easier and I prefer you use one too. The procedure is similar. Click on the link above.

Choose your origin, destination, cabin class and number of passenger, and then click on "Search Flights >"

You'll land on this page and click on "Show whole month".

Now click on "Chart" and now you have a chart showing the prices, which makes it so much easier for you to compare the prices.

Selecting a flight

Either select the cheapest one or choose the best date and price for you. Once you've made a selection, you'll see the list of flights. But let it complete the search first.

If the status is as per below, then that means the search is not yet complete.

Once the search is complete, it is going to show the exact number of results below the title "Flights". Select the "Cheapest" tab to sort the list by the cheapest. Select your preferred flights from the list.

Once you've selected the flight, check the full details by tapping on this arrow.

Once you've confirmed you like this flight, scroll down to see list of websites where you can book it.

I recommend that you book the flight directly from the airline's website and do NOT use third party websites on the list. The airline's website will have this tag as per above.

After you have been redirected to the Airline's website

Since the prices of flights fluctuates, the price you saw from SkyScanner may not be the same anymore with the price of the flight in the airline’s website. Make sure to check the airline’s website for possible cheaper flights.

Also, pay attention to the baggage allowance and the requirements for your transfer. If you are not satisfied with the baggage allowance or transfer requirements, then you may consider other airlines. In this case, just go back and check the list of flights.

In some cases, you might need a transit visa. Here's list of which ones needs transit visa and which ones don't need.

Do I need transit visa?

Summary and Link

I personally use and would like to recommend that you use Skyscanner as well. Their tool for searching and comparing flights is so convenient and easy to use.

Search Flights

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