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Express Entry - Once You're Invited

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Please take note that submitting an Express Entry (EE) profile is not an application for permanent residency. Submission of an EE profile is done to show interest in migrating permanently in Canada. Your EE profile lets you join the pool of candidate who are interested in the same.

You can only apply for permanent residence through EE if you’ve received an invitation to apply.

With that being said, if you haven’t created a profile, you can learn how to in this link below.

Express Entry - How does it work

Once you receive an invitation to apply

Once you receive an invitation to apply, you should start filling out the online forms right away so you can get all the information and list of documents you need.

You will only have 60days to complete and submit you application for permanent residence.

Waste no time and follow these steps:

Please also take note that only once you received an invitation to apply can you include your dependents. Hence please add your dependents on your application for PR.

If you are reading this guide as part of your preparation, here’s a list of documents that may take time to collect. Hence, you may want to work on these documents even while waiting for your invitaion. Especially if you are close to getting invited.

  • Police Clearance Certificate
    • IRCC use police certificates to check if you have a criminal record. They help make sure you are not a security risk to Canada. 
    • To make it clear, what you need is NBI Clearance from Philippines.
    • then Police Clearance from every country you stayed for 6months or more since you become 18 years of age.

How to get a police certificate

  • Upfront Medical
    • Please note that it will cost around 10k php for a medical exam. If you're not confident that your employer will get a positive LMIA to support your application, then better not do this in advance and just wait for the result.
    • It usually takes time to get a schedule, hence you better get your schedule ASAP
    • On the other hand, you can also submit your application without your medical exam, then wait for the medical exam request. Mas matagal nga lang process pag nag intay pa kayo ng request.
    • List of approved clinics:
      • St Lukes Ermita
      • IOM Makati
      • NHSI- Baguio, Cebu, Davao
      • Nationwide Health Systems Cebu Inc.,

Full list of Panel Physician

  • Employment Records
    • You must provide proof of work experience for your current job and for each past position you listed. Proof must include a reference letter from your employer and pay stubs, if you have them. The reference letter must:
      • be an official document printed on company letterhead
      • include your name, the company's contact information (address, telephone number and e-mail address), the signature of your immediate
      • show all positions held while employed at the company
      • include these details: job title, duties/responsibilities, job status (if current job), the dates you worked for the company, the number of work hours per week and your annual salary plus benefits.
      You must scan all documents for this period of employment and save them as one file. (You must create a separate file for each period of employment.)
    • Please note: in our experience, we submitted this documents together with below
      • Resume
      • Work Permit/Pass in your present country of employment (if you're working outside Philippines)

Please take note that these are only few of the requirements. Please refer to your application account for the full list of requirements. I only listed these as it takes time to gather these documents.

Please also take note that you will need to upload a digital copy. Hence, you may also want to work on scanning other possible required documents.

Required Documents

Filling up forms and uploading documents

When filling out the forms, make sure that your answers are complete and true.

If you've made some mistakes back when you submited your EE profile, it’s alright if it doesn’t affect your score. You can correct it and make sure the information in your PR application is accurate.

If you are losing points with the correction, you still must provide an accurate information based on your present status. Again, all of your answers must be complete and true.

If your score is still above the cut off score, then you may continue and submit your PR application.

But if your score went below the cut off score, you should not continue with your application.

Scan and upload the documents

You must submit all of the required documents. Once you’ve completed all of the fields in the online form, you'll see a personalized document checklist once . Get all the documents that are on your checklist.

If your documents are not in English or French, please read the guide from the iRCC website.

Translation of Documents

Expiring passports

You must have a valid passport to come to Canada.

If your passport expires within 6 months from the day you apply, you should renew it. Then, when you get your new passport, update your passport information in your application. This will ensure it’s valid when we process your application, and avoid additional delays.

Once you have your documents

You will need to upload them to your application. Make electronic copies by scanning your document or using your camera (it is accepted by IRCC).

If a requirement confuses you, you may click on this question mark icon for a details instruction.

Once you have your documents ready, upload them in your document checklist.

Make sure all the mandatory fields are completed, or you won't be able to submit your application. You can save your information on the form and go back as often as you need to.

Pay the fees and submit

Once you fill out all sections of the online form and upload your documents, the system will show you a list of fees you need to pay. For details on how much you can expect to pay, see the list of fees in the IRCC website.

Check the fees list

In most cases, you must pay a biometrics fee when you submit your application. Otherwise you may experience delays. The biometrics fee covers the cost of collecting fingerprints and a digital photo.

Find biometrics collection near you


If your application isn't complete, they'll tell you and refund your processing fee and right of permanent residence fee (if you've paid it). They won't refund you the processing fee once they've started the processing your application.

After you apply

Make sure to regularly check your account for an update.

If you didn't take an upfront medical exam, IRCC will message you requesting you to take the medical exam as well. It may be followed by a biometrics request or after the biometrics. Either way is fine.

Once you receive a biometric request, book your appointment as soon as you can to avoid processing delays.

After biometrics, (and other requirements if any), all you need to do is wait for the result. IRCC will review your application and may contact you through your online account to:

  • confirm that they have reviewed your application
  • send you updates on the status of your application
  • ask you for more documents, if necessary
  • set up an interview, if necessary
  • tell you what you need to do and what will happen next

If your work permit is about to expire

If you’re already in Canada and your existing work permit is about to expire, you may be eligible for a bridging open work permit. If you're eligible, this permit can let you keep working while you wait for a final decision on your permanent residence application.

If you need to update your information after you submit your application

After you submit your application, you can use the Web form if you need to report important changes about your application, such as

  • changes in address, telephone number, email or other contact information
  • births or deaths in your family
  • marriages or divorces
  • adoptions
  • changes to your job or job offer
  • a new educational credential
  • updated language test results

Processing time

Once you've submitted your application, for sure you're wondering how long the application will take. Click the link below and just answer the questions as per below.

Check processing time

Please correct the entry based on which economic class application are you applying to.

Please take note that this processing time tells you how long it takes to complete most applications. Meaning it is based on past completed applications and kung gano katagal inaabot in average.

Your application can take longer or faster depending on how easy it is to assess your application.

Your processing time starts the day you've submitted your application. The processing time does not include the time you need to comply with medical examination, biometrics and if there's additional documents requried.

The processing time may also vary depending on how many applcations IRCC receives.

If your Express Entry application is approved

Congratulations! And I hope to see you in Canada soon.

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