Jan 06, 2023

License or Certificate Application

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Once you received your ECA, and the result shows that you meet the educational requirements for the license and/or certificate that you need, then the next step for you is to apply for your license or certificate.

Unfortunately in this guide, is where I can NOT really guide you. There's just so many professions out there and I can't possibly write and update them all. Totally impossible for me, alone, to do so.

But I guess we can compile them here if you've succesffully got, yours and would like to share with us your experience with the process. Share it with us by posting the procedures in our group. I'll try my best to update and link the procedures in this article when I receive them.


Although I can't guide you step by step, I can still give you some tips.

1. You don't really need to wait for the ECA result to apply for a License/Certificate.

You can pass the other requirements for Licensing/Certification even while waiting for the ECA result.

The advantage: They will que you up once the regulatory body receives your application. So if the average processing time is about 30days, then the 30days has begun from when they receive your application. Even when the requirements are still incomplete. Hence, you'll definitely save some time.

The disadvantage: If there is an application fee, then you’ll have to pay it upfront without knowing the results of your ECA. Once you received the results, but unfortunately didn’t meet the requirements, then you can’t also complete the licensing requirements. Hence, you can’t also get that license.

There's not so much to worry anyway. The regulatory bodies are usually not after profits. Hence, most of the time, they’ll be willing to refund you your application fee. Unless they’ve already started reviewing and/or processing your application. If that’s the case, it’s still worth to try, but they can’t, most likely, refund you anymore.

In summary and in my opinion, there's just little to no risk. Hence it is worth it. But in the end of the day. We all have different risk tolerance, so please be responsible for your own decision.

2. You MAY be able to convert your License from another province

Disclaimer: Please check by yourself if this can also apply to you. I'm not sure whether this is applicable to every proffesions, so figure it out yourself or forget about it. You don't really have to go through this. This is only a tip!

You may be able to get a license from one province, then just convert it to your target province. Search if there's a "Labour Mobility Program" for your profession.

Why would you want to do this anyway? Why go through all the trouble?

If you find it difficult to complete the requirements to your target country, then consider checking the requirements from other provinces. Maybe their requirements are easier to comply with. Hence, get the certification from them, and just convert it to your target province.

It worked with my wife getting an ECE certificate from Saskatchewan first, then converting it to BC ECE Registry.


Let me remind you again that YOU ARE A PROFFESIONAL. You've already, successfully, applied for a license/certificate in the Philippines. You can definitely do it again!

Don't say na, "Ang hirap naman nung mga requirements sa Canada, blah blah blah..."

Forget about that type of mindset! Instead of saying na mahirap. Say, "I'm getting closer to my goal!!"

Let me give you an advice.

Write your goal and the steps you need to take to achive that goal. LITERALLY write it down. Physically write it down. I don't recommend typing it down on your phone. Write it down on a place na lagi mo sya makikita. Make sure that the goal is specific and the steps are clearly defined. Now, as you go, cross out the steps that you've completed. In this way, nakikita and nararamdaman mo ung progress mo. Everytime gising, nareremind ka about your goal at hindi mo sya makakalimutan. Kung kailangan, bumili ka ng white board and display mo sa kawarto mo. That's exactly what we're doing.

If you come across some difficulties and/or some problems. Write it down din. Write it down together with possible solutions. Para di mo laging dinadala ung problema na yan at di mo laging kailangan pakaisipin at hindi makasira ng araw mo. Now work on those possible solutions one by one until you find the solution. Feel free to cry kung kailangan. Magpahinga ka din kung napapagagod ka.

Rest if you must, but don't you ever give up!

Okay ba? Pwede na ba kong motivational coach? mas pogi naman ako kay Rendon at mas inspiring. 😎😎 Charot baka mabugbog tayo. 😨😨😨

End notes

Anyway, while waiting for your License/Certificate, continue applying for a job. Malay mo baka swertehin ka and may employer na magustuhan ka and willing to wait for your license/certificate. Or even better, baka willing pa sila na tulungan ka sa application mo. You'll never know until you try.

And also, during your application, please make sure to include your present address in your resume. It's just a waste of time when an employer consider your application, only to find out that you're applying from outside Canada, and they can't hire you for that reason. So just save both of your time.

Talking about resume, pwede mo nang imention sa cover letter or sa email mo to the employer, na you have applied and just waiting for your license/certificate. That's what we did and may mga mag rereply na agad.

Once you received your license/certificate, make sure to update your resume. Nung nareceive namin ung license, and after updating my wife's resume, ang daming nag reply na sa application nya and nakapamili pa sya ng employer.

So better we work your resume and that's exactly what we're going to do in our next guide.

I hope you found valuable information in our website. I've been investing a lot of my time to create this website and help as much as I can.

I want to do this for as long as I can! Your support in buying me a coffee can help me achieve this and help more people.

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