Jun 08, 2023

Tourist to Work Permit (The Untold Story)

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Ung advice na:

“Madaming trabaho dito sa Canada. Basta makarating ka lang dito at hindi ka maarte, magkakatrabaho ka”

Combined with:

“Magtourist ka na lang dito, at dito ka mag hanap ng Trabaho”

is very super ultra PAASA.


The advice:

“Madaming trabaho dito sa Canada. Basta makarating ka lang dito at wag kang maarte, magkakatrabaho ka”

CAN ONLY apply kung papasok ka ng Canada as Permanent Resident or Open Work Permit.

If you are entering Canada as a tourist and would still need to apply for an Employer-Specific Work Permit before you can legally work inside Canada, then kailangan mong mag inarte and look for a job in-line with your experience.

UNLESS you are willing to work under the table, which is illegal. And not to mention, risky.


  • You don’t get a contract to make sure you get worker’s benefits, specially paid leaves and medical
  • You will cover your own expenses kung, unfortunately, may mangyari sayo sa work
  • You can be deported, get a bad record, and never get a chance anymore in the future
  • You may need to book the earliest flight to leave Canada, and that will be very expensive

Tourist to Work Permit Pathway

Going to Canada as a tourist can be rewarding. No doubt!

Truelalu na may mga employers na preferred na nasa Canada ka na. Congratz if that’s your case! Masaya po ako para sa inyo. Hindi ko po pinapangarap na mahirapan kayo. Kaya nga po nagsusulat pa ko ng guides, para hopefully mas madaling maintindihan ung process. Para hopefully, mabawasan ung hirap sa pag apply.

Nakaka-hurt po kaya na sabihan nyong bitter kami dito and may crab mentality. *insert iyak iyak emoji*

Please take note that the process can also be a learning experience. Skipping the process won't contribute to your growth.


Here’s a computation kung magkano ung maaring magastos nyo through this pathway.

Airfare = at least 1,500 CAD

Monthly expenses = 1,500 CAD (kung wala kang kakilala)

Total expense = airfare + monthly expenses x 6 = 10,500 CAD

Still way cheaper compared to student pathway, but if you’re unlucky at hindi ka nakahanap ng trabaho. Bye bye 10.5k! na sana tuition fee mo na.

Nasa Canada ka na rin naman

“You have to risk it to get the biscuit.”

Syempre talagang may risk, pero before advising this pathway blindly kung kani-kanino na lang, please be aware na malaking bagay po ang 10.5k CAD.

Hindi po lahat ng tao kayang mawalan ng 10.5k. Since nasa Canada na rin naman, sayang naman kung walang mangyayari. I challenge you to prove to me na hindi yan ung maiisip mo. You won’t be the first one to say na “Promise hindi ako mag ooverstay” and break it.

I won’t go into details about TNT here. Maybe I’ll write another post about it, if necessary. Let me know in the comments section.

Extend your visit!

Anyway, please be aware na may option po kayo to extend your visit in Canada. Please po wag mag overstay, and try extending instead. But please also be aware na, syempre dere-deretso pa rin ung gastos nyo. You’ll end up risking more cash, pero wala pa ring guarantee na makakahanap ka ng trabaho.

After extending your stay at hindi ka pa rin nakahanap ng work, mas lalo namang hindi ka papayag na basta uuwi na lang. Kasi syempre, mas malaki na lalo ung nagastos mo. Most probably, expired na rin yung return ticket mo back to PH, and you’ll need more cash to book your ticket back home.

So, TNT na lang talaga paraan no? OR you can work with someone or be trained by someone, while taking all the risks.

The very first person na akala ko willing talaga tumulong sa mga mag tourist pathway, ends up being a person with exploitation scheme.

His offer is to train you for the job he offers. You will be exposed to hazards in the said training, but he won’t be liable to your safety. You’ll be trained for 2 weeks, taking all the risk, and saka pa lang nya ico-consider kung ia-apply ka nya ng LMIA. Kung iha-hire ka ba talaga nya.

Sad to say na ung mga kababayan natin, ung tulong na tinatawag nila is pang iipit na rin talaga.

Moving on from sir exploiter sa 1st example, on a similar scenario, you’ll be offered to work under the table kasi they can pay you cheaper, and they don’t have to take responsibility kung anung mangyayari sayo sa work. They also won't need to pay taxes sa pagpapa-sweldo sayo. Your fellow Filipino co-worker, who are legally staying in Canada, can take this advantage din na ipasa ung ibang workload nila sayo. Kasi di ka naman pwedeng umangal.

What We Can Do

I get it. Masarap na sabihin:

“Buti pa ung Chinese at Indian, nagtutulungan sila. Ginagawa talaga nilang pathway ang tourist visa.”

Sadly, that’s not the case for Filipinos. Hindi naman po kasi business minded ang karamihan Satin. Worker’s mindset tayo.

I am against the tourist pathway, kasi ung tulong na tinatawag ng mga kababayan natin is very disappointing and I would like to protect you from exploitation. Sorry if you don't agree with my sense of responsibility. You can also create a facebook group, where you can help others on how to migrate to Canada through tourist pathway, if you really believe in your cause.

You can also start creating opportunities para sa kapwa natin Filipino, like how the Chinese and the Indians do.


If it works, please let us know para ma-open namin ung opportunity in this group din. Don't worry, we won’t be after the credit. Kahit ipaskil pa natin pangalan mo all over. Made possible by: Anonymous Group Member.

Why it can NOT start with me? I honestly do NOT know how. I’m one of those Filipino who has worker’s mindset. PERO if you can teach me, I am wiiling to learn and I am willing to try.

PERO hanggang try lang. If it easily works, then continue. If it is very challenging, then I'm very sorry I can not commit. Kasi I’m sure it will take a lot of time and a lot of resources and a lot of effort. Which I don’t have. Plus I have a family, and their needs are much more important para sakin. Pinaka priority ko po is to provide the needs of my family.

Anyway, pag tulong po sa group na ito ang alam kong paraan para makatulong sa kapwa ko, and that’s why I’ll continue to do so.

Again, you don’t have to agree with my sense of responsibility. If you disagree with me, please respect us pa rin po and wag naman ung idadamay nyo pa ung fellow admins ko. If you really believe you are helping other people, pwedeng pwede nyo pong ituloy sa ibang group and/or madami pong other means. Wag na po sana nating pagtalunan pa na aabot na sinisiraan nyo na kami.

In the end

Tourist pathway po can be rewarding and it is totally LEGAL and POSSIBLE!

If you are fine with the risk, please do so responsibly.

If you do so, I hope po sana makahanap kayo ng work in-line with your experience, and maka apply kayo ng work permit.

Wala po akong bitterness sa success nyo. In fact, mas masaya po ako kung makakarinig ako ng success story from you. Please be sure to share it with us, para I can come up with a framework plan kung pano ung safe way to do it and higher success rate.

And here's some of those succes stories shared in the group:

Here's some discussion regarding this topic that may interest you as well.

It is a very long read.

Pero I hope you still have some more time to spare for me to tell the other side of the story.

Filipinos are not that bad. We Filipinos are also kind-hearted. Hindi porke mapanlamang ung ibang kababayan natin eh lahat na tayo is ganun.

I would like to extend my appreciation to:

  • Our fellow group members na walang sawang tumutulong pero, unfortunately hindi naa-appreciate ng ibang kababayan natin. Hindi naaapreciate kasi ung gustong tulong na matatanggap ng mga nagpapatulong, is dapat katulad ng ginagawa ng mga Chinese and Indians.
  • My fellow admins who also inspired me to help.
  • Fellow Filipinos who are helping the TNTs about their situation. Contrary to what I wrote in the middle of the article, there are a lot of kababayans that won't take advantage. Instead, they will extend their help
  • Fellow Filipinos who actually help sa mga nag tourist pathway without taking advantage. Yes they exist!
  • Other fellow Filipinos who continue to help in their own way.
  • Other fellow Filipinos na, at least hindi na kailangan ng tulong, and they can do things on their own. Wag nyo pong masamain na hindi sila nakakatulong. They need to prioritize their own problems, and "You can't actually pour out from an empty cup."

I know we are all fighting our own battle. Let's aprreciate those who can help, and even those who can not.

I hope you found valuable information in our website. I've been investing a lot of my time to create this website and help as much as I can.

I want to do this for as long as I can! Your support in buying me a coffee can help me achieve this and help more people.

Support this website. Buy me a coffee.

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