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Pangarap ko talagang makapag Canada

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What's the easiest way to immigrate to Canada?

For us Filipinos, it’s never an easy path. The process can be so difficult and will totally depend on your own unique profile or connections to the country.

But now that you’re doing your own research for the right process, you’re already one step closer your goal. Unfortunately, it's a journey of thousands of miles. 6,920 miles to be exact. 😵‍💫

But don't be discouraged.

PANGARAP mo yan di ba? You said so yourself so walk that journey! Meet new people along the way. Explore! And don’t forget to enjoy every single step kasi your dream is at the end of that journey.

I hope that that helps you in getting into the right mindset!
If that worked, then let's proceed and talk about the different pathways and the process.

If, for a moment, we skip ahead and think about booking a flight to Canada, you’ll find that there are multiple flights to choose from. It could be direct, or a transit from another county(s). Depending on where you are coming from, it may take just a few hours or could take more than a day to get there.

It’s the same as getting a visa to Canada. Madaming options that you can choose from. Pero bago ka magdecide, you'll have to know where you are and figure out which path is the best for you. And that's our job here today! To narrow down the choices. To help you make the best decision and keep you going til achieve that goal!

But before we start, let me clarify first that this website contains guides ONLY. Best way to learn about the process is by reading about it sa official website ng Government of Canada.

Go to the Official Website of Government of Canada

If nahihirapan kayo to understand the process from the official website, then feel free to utilize the information in this website. But please note that I am in NO WAY obliged to keep the information in this website accurate and up to date. Before you make a decision, it is your responsibility to check and confirm if what you learn here is accurate or not. Nevertheless, I will still do my best to keep the information here as accurate and up to date as I could possibly can.

With that being said, let's get started!


The next step is actually pretty simple. We need to know if your intention is to only Visit and Tour?

If your answer is YES, then please go to our guide on how to apply for a visitor's visa (tourist visa).

How to apply for a visitor visa

If your answer is NO, then make sure to completely read this post so I can guide you better. Kasi kailangan mong maintindihan all the other pathway before deciding. It is possible that the first available pathway for you, may NOT be the BEST pathway for you.


The main reason you may want to consider this pathway, is that it is the fastest route. Fastest in terms of having a resident status, instead of just visiting. And take note that "fastest" does not mean guaranteed. In fact, wala namang guaranteed path. Everything that I will discuss here can NOT guarantee your success. Your success actually depends on you! Keep that in mind as you go.

Going back to the topic, Canada wants people in their country to meet their standards of quality education. What better way to do that than to get that education from them, right? So kung willing ka to get that education from them, of course they are more than willing to welcome you in Canada.

BUT here's the catch. Fast car, fast internet, fast delivery, etc., will always be expensive. Hence, the fastest pathway is expensive too.

Tuition fees for International students can be, as much as twice, or thrice of a local student. Ang laking tulong actually ng tuition fees ng International Students in contributing to the Canadian Economy. Kaya welcome na welcome ka talagang mag aral dito.

In this pathway din nga pala pinakamataas ang chance mong makakuha ng PR. It will take you some time, kasi syempre mag aaral ka pa at you need to gain experience inside Canada, pero you'll later qualify for Canadian Experience Class and take a look at this table below. Tingnan mo kung gano kadami ung naiinvite for PR in this Category nung 2021.

Pay special attention din sa draw#176 nung Feb 13, 2021. They've invited over 27k to apply for PR in this class and look at that minimum score!

I'm sorry kung masyadong lumalalim agad ung discussion natin, and maybe you're not yet familiar with the terms na ginamit. Don't worry about those details and terminlogies yet if hindi mo pa magets. I'm just backing up my claims with data. We can discuss about those details later or on a seperate post. As long as gets na ung point, then we can continue.

So how expensive is this pathway? Starts around a million peso and can go up to 3million PHP. Or more probably more? It really depends on how long you need to study and what profession you want to pursue. And hindi pa nga pala included jan ang processing fees, flight and cost of living mo.

And that's the overview ng student pathway. You can go to our guide to learn more.

How to apply a Student Permit


Sa student pathway, I've already mentioned that Canada has standards and that they prefer that you get an education from them. But if your educational background already meets their standards, then you don't really have to study again. In fact, there are jobs that don't necessarily require educational background but requires the experience, certificate and/or license. 

Canada is continuously growing, and they can't really rely on waiting for students to graduate alone. Especially when there are people that are already qualified to work and do the job. So, if you already meet their educational standards, then the next thing to do is to complete their employment requirements.

The provinces in Canada have their own Regulatory body regulating the professional certification and licensing. You might need to get a certification from a regulatory authority before you can qualify to work. Since each province has their own requirements, then make sure to apply to your target province, or check which one is the easiest for you to comply, and then target that province. 

After you meet their requirements and job experience, then you may start applying for a job and look for a job offer. In general, you need to get a job offer before you can start applying for an Employer-Specific Work Permit. But if you're a spouse or a common-law partner of a student or someone who already has a work permit, then you may not need a job offer and might be able qualify to apply for an Open Work Permit.

Taking this pathway may cost you around at least 50k PHP, and up to around half a million pesos or more. Of course, quite the difference if you already meet their standards vs kung mag aaral ka pa ulit.

Learn more about the steps on how to apply for a work permit or check if you are eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit.

How to apply for a Work Permit

Express Entry (Skilled Worker)

Your pathway to Permanent Residency (PR).

Permanent Residence don't really need a work permit to work in Canada. This means that you don't need a job offer, and you don't need to apply for a work permit to come to Canada. (Obviously!) They don't need a student permit to study either.

How does Express Entry works? First you must be eligible and join the pool of candidate. Candidates who meet the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score will get invited and needs to apply for Permanent Residency.

But here's the catch. Ung table na nakita nyo kanina while we were talking about Student Pathway, that's the draw history ng mga naiinvite for PR. Remember I mentioned there na karamihan sa naiinvite are the ones na graduate from their school, and/or the ones na may experience na inside Canada? Express Entry is NOT only for those who are seeking to migrate to Canada. It is also an option for temporary residence inside Canada, to become a permanent residence. And they will always have the priority.

This doesn’t mean na mababa ung chance mo to get invited to apply for PR. It will always depend on your qualification and credentials. Mataas pa rin ung hope for you. Lalo na kung na meet mo naman ung hinahanap nilang requirements. Bat pa sila maghihintay ng mga students na makatapos and makagain ng experience, kung available and qualified ka naman na di ba?

The application fee is around 50k PHP for a single applicant. The good thing here is you may already include your partner and dependent children in this application. Hence, you can move to Canada as a family. Most applications can be completed within 6months, provided that you submit all requirements and possible supporting documents, and that they can easily confirm your eligibility.

It can be completed within 6 months but that's not always the case. It really depends on your application. Since this is a pathway direct to PR, of course complikado and madaming kailangang idiscuss for you to understand the whole process. You may refer to our guide to learn more.

How to apply for Express Entry

Family Sponsorship

If your spouse, partner, or parents (if you’re still a dependent child) is/are already a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen, then you don’t really have to go through the pathways I’ve mentioned above. I know I should have mentioned this much earlier, but I didn’t because if you have family member who is a PR or Citizen in Canada, then they must have known this already. And they must have told you about it already.

If eligible, your spouse, partner, or parent/s must apply to become a sponsor. Once approved, then you can apply for permanent residence.

The application fee will be around 50kPHP per adult, the same as applying for PR through Express Entry. If you’re applying as a partner or spouse, you will have to show necessary documents and proof that your marriage or/partnership is legit and that will take some time, around a year, depending on your case.

To learn more about this pathway, you may go through our guide. In addition, a relative may also be able to sponsor you in very specific situations and we will discuss everything there.

How to apply for Family Sponsorship

There's actually more pathways, like Pilot Programs, Entrepreneur Programs, Investor, Care Giver, etc., But I won't be listing them all here to avoid confusing you with overloading information. Instead, I'll include them in their respective category.

Anyway, I hope you find this guide very helpful. If you’re still confused and don’t know which pathway to take, as I mentioned before, the best way to learn about them is in the official website of Government of Canada. They have an eligibility tool where you just have to answer few questions and they’ll give you the best pathway to take based on your answers.

Check your elegibility

If you stil need help, you can join our group and read some posts related to the topic. If you have more questions AFTER READING the related topics, then feel free to ask.

Join our group "Filipino Aspirants to Canada"

We've come to the end of this guide. Hopefully malaking tulong to sayo to get an overview idea kung pano makapunta ng Canada. Of course, your journey just started. Keep pursuing your dream!! But for now, let me wish you Good luck! and hope to see you in Canada soon!

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